The Ocean Group

Technology is beautiful. Vast and powerful, it can also be more than a little overwhelming. Since 1998, the Ocean Group has been successfully harnessing that power and creating interactive relationships that sell.

We navigate the vast digital waters with a deft and sure hand, instituting strategy, brand-building and technological expertise in thoughtful and unforgettable ways. Technology has the power to connect. We have the creativity to generate success. From there, the possibilities are endless.

The Big Sturgis Gig

Step onto the rowdiest stage at the biggest party in the Wild West, and open for some of the biggest names in the rock 'n' roll. The world-famous Sturgis Buffalo Chip invited bands to compete for a chance to play at the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and here's what happened.

Hollywood & Highland

The Ocean Group equipped Hollywood's premier entertainment destination with an engaging new brand platform.

Adobe Platinum Club

Adobe had an incentive program in place called Platinum Club that used vacation destinations as its draw. But involvement and excitement was low. The program needed a revamp, infused with some sophisticated and exciting ideas.

The Ocean Group Currents

Saltwater Software
After working with "Destinations, Districts and Associations" for over a decade, The Ocean Group has developed an all-in-one website platform to help these marketers manage and maintain their customer and visitor data. Saltwater Software.  read more
Hollywood & Highland
The Ocean Group provided a fresh new look at the marketplace and equipped the center with an energetic, authentic brand platform which spoke to the legacy and the bright future of this landmark.  read more